About Us

Our Mission

To source and present the finest collection of natural stones to buyers who seek purity in their gemstones.

Our Vision

To work towards more sustainable ways of sourcing and unearthing natural stones and help spread awareness about the positive influence these stones bring in people’s lives.

Our Purpose

To help everyone connect with Earth and its mystical energies through the means of mesmerizing natural stones that are unearthed from beneath it.

Our Core Value

What we do, we do well.

About Us

At Rare Pebbles, we source the finest gemstones from mineral-rich mines across India and export them to the world. We have extensive hands-on experience creating rare treasures from the mines to your collection whether it's for investment, spiritual practices, or the pleasure of wearing a fine gemstone ring. Here you will find a safe secure environment that will provide an easy way to learn, try and compare fine unique gemstones.

How can we help you?

Whether it be to add to your collection,that rare healing stone, or a custom requirementfor a specific mineral stone, we are here to help.
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