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At Rare Pebbles, we source the finest gemstones from mineral-rich mines across India and export them to the world. We have extensive hands-on experience creating rare treasures from the mines to your collection whether it’s for investment, spiritual practices, or the pleasure of wearing a fine gemstone ring. Here you will find a safe secure environment that will provide an easy way to learn, try and compare fine unique gemstones.

Select from a wide range of rough and uncut gemstones at highly affordable prices. Keep your thoughts just as beautiful as your living space. Check out all our offerings here.


Sourced From Best Mines Across Asia

Every natural stone in our collection is sourced from some of the best mineral deposits in the world. They are unearthed with care and are rigorously examined for their purity as well as quality. A team of experienced gem experts handpicks the finest stones for us; which are then exported across the globe to meet the ever-increasing demand for genuine and premiere quality mineral stones.

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We present to you a collection of aesthetically pleasing and timeless natural stones extracted from some of the most mineral-rich sources in Asia. Browse through a variety of authentic gemstones, see our entire collection here.

Get 20% Off on Selected Stones

Choose from a wide variety of different natural stones like Amethyst, Stilbite, Apophyllite, and more. We are offering a 20% discount on selected products to make this investment all the more special for you.

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Whether it be to add to your collection,that rare healing stone, or a custom requirementfor a specific mineral stone, we are here to help.
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